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Mother's Day

Take-away menu for Mother's Day


Choose from a selection of starters (minimum 4)

Garlic Bread                                £2.80

Cheesy Garlic Bread                  £3.20

Bruschetta                                  £3.80

Smoked Salmon                         £6.00

Calamari                                     £6.00

Pâté                                             £6.00

King Prawn Cocktail                  £5.80

Fish Cake                                    £6.00

Garlic Mushrooms                     £5.00


Suitable for 4 people. Cost per additional portion in brackets.

Macaroni Cheese                                                   £19.80 (£4.50)

Beef Lasagne                                                         £24.00 (£5.50)

Chicken & veg casserole & roast potatoes        £22.00 (£5.00)

Pasta Bolognese                                                   £21.00 (£4.50)

Scampi, chips & peas                                           £19.00 (£4.00)

Metre of Pizza                                                        £29.90

Add 3 toppings of your choice


Choose from a selection of desserts (minimum 4)

Oven-Baked Vanilla Cheesecake           £3.50

Chocolate Fudge Cake                           £3.50

Chocolate & Salted Caramel Tart           £3.50

Tiramisu                                                   £3.50

Delivered in a glass jar. Please return this.

Mini Italian Cups                                    £3.50

Raspberry & Panacotta; cappuccino mousse; lemon mousse

(one of each)

Choose hot or cold

All meals are served in aluminium tins and are suitable for home heating. Please, when ordering, let us know if you wish the meal to be hot or cold. For all cold meals, heating instructions will be provided.

Not a family of 4+ - no problem!

Individual dishes can be chosen from our current Takeaway menu. Go to

All orders must be placed by 6pm on Saturday 21st.

This is to give our staff time to prepare. Pick up times will be given when you call.

Tel: 01835 822710


Real Chips                     £2.70

Roast Potatoes              £2.70

Vegetables                     £2.70

Mixed salad                    £3.20

Greek Salad                   £6.95

Onion Rings                   £2.50

Coleslaw                         £2.00

Olives                              £3.50

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